3 Jan, 2023
New Year, New Home with Kodiak!

Happy holidays from Kodiak! Holidays can bring traditions we know and changes to embrace. Apartments, traditional...

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3 Aug, 2022
Kodiak’s Local Heroes Discount

Did you know Kodiak offers a home discount for our Local Heroes? For all first responders,...

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6 Jul, 2022
Earn money for bringing your friends and family!

Think of your best friend…. Now think of your best friend as your next-door neighbor. Did...

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2 Jun, 2022
How Manufactured Homes can Help Alleviate the Housing Crisis!

Manufactured housing could be the inexpensive option they’ve been looking for! The newest generation of manufactured...

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5 May, 2022
Our Communities Have What You’re Looking for in a Home!

What do you look for in a home? Is it large windows? Space for gardening? Whatever...

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16 Mar, 2022
Crown Communities Announces Acquisition of Fawn Creek Homes

We are thrilled to announce our acquisition of Fawn Creek Homes, a reputable, family-owned business founded...

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