What To See & Do Near Country Meadow In Martin, MI

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What To See & Do Near Country Meadow In Martin, MI

The Community of Country Meadows is a manufactured home community that is located in the Village of Martin, in Michigan. Specifically located in the County of Allegan, community members get to enjoy a variety of amenities. These include landscaped grounds, off-street parking, carefully-screened neighbors, and much more. You will be glad to know that all the current residents living in the community are property-owners and so you can expect a friendly and tight-knit community.

The community is set in an idyllic setting with easy access to modern amenities in the nearby towns of Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids. Outside the community itself, many residents of Country Meadows also get to enjoy a number of attractions within the area. Here are some of the things to see and do near Country Meadows Community.

Light of the Bluff

Light of the bluff is an annual ceremony that brings together the community around Lake Bluff for what is known as Light of the Bluff Ceremony. During this festival, over one million lights are lit around Lake Bluff Park, transforming the beautiful park into an enchanting space. The lights stay on from December to the 14th of February the following year. During that time, residents can have night walks, picnics, and more under the beautiful lights.

Kalamazoo Craft Beverage Week

This is another interesting festival that celebrates the fact that Martin and the surrounding area have a rich culture of craft beer making and numerous wineries. During the Kalamazoo Craft Beverage Week, craft distilleries get to show the residents and tourists how craft beer is made alongside numerous beer-tasting sessions. In addition to craft beer, there are exhibitions by wineries, distilleries, and much more. Visitors also get to enjoy excellent dishes, local music performances, and much more.

Magical Ice Festival

This is a festival that takes place every February and involves the display of the finest ice sculptures from local artists. What is unique about the magical ice festival is that you get to watch as these artists carve out amazing designs and carvings from blocks of ice. The festival also involves a timed run that brings together the entire community. Alongside all these activities are numerous stands selling excellent food and drinks. The Magical Ice Festival is a great way for residents of Martin to celebrate winter and to bond with each other.

Silent Disco

For those looking for some light-hearted fun, how about the silent disco that also takes place at the beginning of the year? Here, you get to dance to the music that you love under the direction of a dance therapist. You are also free to bring any props that you may require to Silent Disco. You don’t need any dance experience or expertise as the session is more of a celebration of movement and music.

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