Make “Back to School” Safe and Fun

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While it’s still the heat of summer, it’s also the time of year for kids to head back into the classroom, whether they’re ready for it or not! Between all the back-to-school sales and the first-day jitters, don’t forget what should be the number one priority: staying safe. We’d like to see every student in our modular home communities go off to school safely in the morning and return safely each afternoon. Here are some top safety tips for getting back to school:

Travel by the rules:

  • If your children are walking or biking to school, remind them to use designated paths and follow traffic rules.
  • If they’re taking a bus or carpooling, remind them to buckle up and follow safety protocols. While waiting for the bus, they should stay mindful of passing traffic and elementary-school aged children should always be under adult supervision.

Be wary of strangers:

  • Remind children to never talk to strangers or accept rides from them.
  • Teach them about safe adults they can approach if they need help.

Pack like a pro:

  • Ensure your children pack only what they need for the day to avoid carrying a heavy backpack. Make sure they use both shoulder straps to distribute weight evenly.
  • Adjust the straps so the backpack fits snugly against their back.

Know who to call:

  • Give your children a list of emergency contacts to keep in their backpacks or phones at all times with instructions on how to use them.

Keep them fed and hydrated:

  • Remind your children to drink water regularly throughout the school day to stay hydrated.
  • Pack nutritious snacks and meals to help them maintain a good energy level.

First aid and medications:

  • Inform school staff about any medical conditions or required medications your child might have.
  • Send them to school with necessary medications in a clearly labeled container.

Keep the communication flowing:

  • Encourage open communication with parents, teachers, and school staff about any safety concerns.

Going back to school can be a time of anxiety for kids and parents alike. Think safety first so that everyone develops good habits from the start for a successful year!