New Year, New Home with Ignite!

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Happy holidays from Ignite! Holidays can bring traditions we know and changes to embrace. Apartments, traditional stick-built homes, and manufactured homes- as we approach the new year, many people will be moving to a new home. These may consist of a new layout and building type. Each home option has different benefits, but the most beneficial to variety of lifestyles is a manufactured home. Before you Google, “apartments for rent near me” read our latest article on why you should consider a manufactured home for your next move. 

The biggest reason people purchase or rent manufactured homes is availability of private space. Not sharing space with neighbors is a huge benefit, without having to sacrifice the community atmosphere. All our communities have homes that are place on their own yards, none of our homes share walls, and each home has private parking. This privacy comes at fractions of the cost of a stick-built homes and even renting an apartment, passing on the affordability to you.

Homeownership through manufactured homes is attainable. Our home prices are competitive, with modern interiors and high-quality finishes. Apartments and stick built homes are more expensive per square footage due to the number of materials, and inefficient building techniques and time to create. A home for you and yours is attainable through Ignite MHC, this is primarily due to the efficiency of building our manufactured homes. 

Our homes reduce the carbon footprint of individuals, which also contributes to the reduced cost for renters and homeowners in our communities. This stems from less materials used in buildings, higher standard building codes, and new energy efficient and smart thermostats installed in new manufactured homes. Additionally, manufactured homes are built in a factory and set on site, the environmental impact of transporting the home is much less than moving raw materials such as lumbar, cement, and other building materials like other buildings. As you continue your home search, refer to our recently updated FAQ section on manufactured homes in our communities!