Spooky Decorating Tips for your Modular Home

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Spooky treats are the perfect way to round out your Halloween decorations.

It’s officially Halloween season, and we all have the urge to start making our spaces spooky! We love to see the decorations and creative ideas that our residents have for turning their modular homes into haunted havens. Whether you’re throwing a little Halloween party or just want to infuse a little eerie charm into your living space, these spooky decorating tips will help you craft a spine-tingling atmosphere.

Haunting entrance. Set the spooky tone right from the start. With faux spiderwebs on your front porch accompanied by plastic spiders, you can ensure your guests will know what they’re in for. If you’re having a party, place a cauldron filled with dry ice in front of the entryway for an eerie mist effect. Have a spooky soundtrack with eerie music or cackling playing as guests arrive.

Sinister lighting. Lighting is key in setting a spooky ambiance. Temporarily swap out your regular bulbs for dim, amber, or purple LED lights to give your modular home a gloomy feel. Flickering flameless candles are a safe and inexpensive way to create a haunted glow. Or, if you’d rather not change your lightbulbs, try some colored gels or filters to place over your light fixtures for an instant eerie effect.

Haunted artwork and family portraits. For the month of October, replace your wall hangings with haunting pictures or portraits. Head to a Halloween store to pick up posters and prints of ghostly figures, haunted houses, and sinister landscapes. Or, add a ghostly twist to the photos you usually display by using editing apps to make your family photos look spooky with eerie filters.

Gothic décor. Turn your modular home into a haunted Victorian mansion by incorporating gothic elements into your décor. Velvet drapes and candelabras with deep reds, purples, and other dark shades can quickly give your home a spooky air.

Jack-o’-lanterns and DIY decorations. Jack-o’-lanterns are the classic Halloween decorating solution and a fun seasonal tradition for the family. Carve some sinister (or silly) faces into pumpkins and display them on the front porch to show the family’s creative side. For a mess-free option, buy some artificial pumpkins from a craft store to paint and decorate to your heart’s content.

Haunting treats. If you’re having a Halloween party, make sure every detail, down to the food, is a spooky delight. Offer creepy cocktails like “witches’ brew” punch and desserts like “eyeball” cake pops to complete the experience.

Getting into the “spirit” of Halloween can be fun for the whole family and neighborhood. Get creative, experiment with different ideas, and most importantly, have a spooky time transforming your living modular home into a chilling masterpiece. Happy decorating!