The Buying Process

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Making the choice to invest in a manufactured home can help you to enjoy extensive cost savings in the long run. This process is typically more affordable and more efficient than a conventional site-built home. Manufactured homes are constructed with the finest materials and can be customized to the owner’s needs. They are constructed in controlled settings which in turn prevents various constraints and delays in the building process. However, when considering this type of investment, it is essential to understand the entire buying process and the relevant factors to consider.


One of the biggest advantages of buying a manufactured home is that you can choose which location to move it to. However, it can be a great hassle to move it around constantly. As such, it will only serve to benefit you if you seriously think about finding the best location for you to set your manufactured home on a permanent foundation.

  • Manufactured Home Community: There are many benefits of choosing to live in a manufactured home community. This is particularly the case if you are a new homeowner. The manufactured home communities are usually already prepared to cater for the needs of people moving in. These services include help with maintenance, setting up your home, and moving. Additionally, you can opt for other utilities and connectivity. With a tight-knit community living in close proximity, you will also be able to get advice from veteran manufactured homeowners about topics like financing and delivery.
  • Purchasing Your Own Land: Unlike site-built homes, when you pay for a manufactured home, the price excludes the cost of the land that you are building the home upon. While the total costs will not add up to the prices that you typically see in traditional homes, there are many steps and permits that you need to be aware of when buying over land. When you buy and own land, it is essential to get permits that allow you to move and install your home, and gain access to the utilities in your state.

Choosing Your Home

When choosing your own manufactured home, you can choose from a variety of options. For example, you can choose to rent, rent to own, build it yourself, or buy a used home. The differences between these options can be seen in the disparity of cost and the time it takes to move in. You will also need to consider the many customization options and differences in size.

  • Size: Manufactured homes usually come in three different sizes, single-wide, double-wide, and triple-wide. The single-wide option refers to a single home section that is narrower than the other two sizes and has the least square footage. However, a double-wide manufactured home is made of two sections that connect on the side, creating a home that is comparable in size to a conventional single-family home. Triple-wide homes are made from three different home sections that can come with more bedrooms than the other sizes. Needless to say, your choice of size will be dependent on what kind of needs and preferences you have, as well as your financial capability.
  • Customizing Your Manufactured Home: One of the most difficult decisions to make when purchasing a manufactured home is how to customize it. These days, the choices are almost unlimited. Just like traditional homes, you can choose from a large variety of finishes and include energy-saving features. However, the difference between renting a place and owning your own manufactured home is that you can do anything as long as it complies with HUD code.