What To See & Do Near Blue Ridge Estates In Churubusco, IN

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A town in Whitley County of Indiana, Churubusco is also known as Busco to the locals. With a total area of just 0.9 square miles, Churubusco is home to approximately 1,800 people. Previously Turtletown, what is Churubusco today is made up of two 19th century towns: Union and Franklin. When the populations of these two towns grew large enough to warrant a common post office, the residents were told they could not name it either “Union” or “Franklin” since these names were already taken. The name “Churubusco” was chosen for the site of the Battle of Churubusco in the American-Mexican War, and the rest is history. 

Downtown Churubusco

The downtown area of Churubusco is home to many locally owned shops, including a famous restaurant named Magic Wand. A family-owned business in operation since 1964, it boasts an outdoor ice-cream shop and is a family friendly diner. Other shops include a barber shop, an antique store, a secondhand clothing store, other restaurants and more. 

Churubusco has invested in the beauty of its downtown area with the Downtown Revitalization Project, which saw the addition of new landscaping features, reconstructed sidewalks and decorative lighting. If you are in Churubusco for the day, you will definitely want to take a stroll through the time and perhaps enjoy a relaxing meal.

Churubusco Community Park

Starting out with just 2 acres of land in 1949, Churubusco Community Park has since expanded and today boasts over 60 acres to its name. Having earned itself the accolade as one of the nicest parks in Northwest Indiana, the park is home to a tennis and basketball court as well as grills and picnic tables. If you are looking to spend a nice day out in the sunshine, Churubusco Community Park is sure to have everything you need.

Some amenities include:

  • Fenced skate park
  • Soccer fields
  • Beach volleyball court
  • Kids’ playground
  • Cross county course
  • Maintained flower gardens
  • Picnic areas
  • Outdoor restrooms
  • Softball diamonds
  • Batting cages
  • … and many more

Eel River Golf Course

Churubusco is located near the Eel River, and this peaceful golf course bears its name. Whether you play competitively or are just looking to spend some time with friends, the Eel River Golf Course is the perfect place. With manicured greens and majestic trees in a tranquil location, why not get away from the hustle and bustle of city life here? The golf course also offers indoor simulator games. If you live in the area and intend to visit often, a season pass may even interest you.

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